Lowering Phone Bills With Hosted PBX


There are many advantages and features of VoIP which are more attractive than the traditional PSTN telephone system, one of the major aspect that stands out as the driving power behind its adoption by businesses all over the globe. And that is very costly. Obviously, when we talk about the international calls, VoIP throw out the alternatives out, in short we can say that it is the best in all. It is more than a few orders of magnitude less expensive than the old copper wire technology which is old now. But what is sometimes neglected and that is its capability to reduce the phone bills of companies whose offices are spread all around the world in different places.

Major part of the company’s communication takes place in between its employees. This is hardly surprising really. Interaction and the free flow of information within the premises is just a common thing that is done on the daily basis in between the employes. As long as one and all in the similar building this is not as much as a problem as it seems because the standard phone system has the conception of extensions were that you just have to dial the last few digits of the person’s telephone number and the best part is that it connects automatically without any kind of charges. Though, this creates problems when there are two split buildings with dissimilar telephone services. It is very difficult for us to make sure that all of the branch offices are on exactly the same network. And most of the time another issue act, that there is no service accessible in that region.

Organizations who have the large businesses have remote offices across the globe. In such kind of cases, it’s just not possible for all of them to use the same telecom supplier. Communication these days in between the branches are very expensive and it becomes very difficult and in the result they have to pay thousands of dollars in the form of telephone bills.


The Internet spans all countries and crosses all borders flawlessly. This is understanding that you are capable to deal with the chats and e-mails, no matter where they live and it is for free. With hosted PBX system, all of your branch offices can use the same VoIP provider for free of cost inter employee communication in spite of location. Even if it is not easy to send across physical VoIP phones to these offices, anyone can just download it as a simple smartphone app and use it with the help of Wi-Fi for calling.

Hosted PBX setup helps to make it easy to put together the settings. In adding up, you can also purchase phones that can without human intervention organize themselves with the help of selected VoIP provider, download patches and upgrading the security software, all without any human intervention.